all the things I couldn’t do this weekend.


The unpredictable happened.

On Friday evening, my throat was a little scratchy, and I thought I might have just talked too much during the day with meetings and so on all around. And then I woke up on Saturday, all excited for the great fun I had planned for the day, with no voice at all, pain in my throat and a fever…
I didn’t want to throw away all my hope yet, and went to see the doctor, but he gave me a bunch of different pills and told me to stay in bed for two days.

There went my whole weekend. And although today is Monday, I still don’t feel much better, but I thought I might at least show you what I had planned on wearing for Vogue Fashion’s Night Out on Saturday evening.

Depending on the weather, I had a look in mind – planned around a leather jacket from Zara, which is essential, because I knew from the past years that in the evening, it might get quite cold. I hope I’ll have a chance to wear the whole outfit sometime soon! But I’m going to Disney Land in the end of the month, so there is my chance!
If I don’t get sick again that is… 

IMG 8624

IMG 8628

IMG 8626

IMG 8627

Leather Jacket – Zara
Shirt – moussy, Skirt – Duras
Shoes – Tatoosh, Necklace – Thomas Sabo, Bag – Chanel 

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  • ☆シボン ☆ Siobhan ☆ (@mirukut)
    September 9, 2014

    Worst time to get sick! I ended up staying in too because Seiya came home too late ;_; The outfit is lovely though, we’ll rock FNO next year! Hope you’re feeling better (and don’t get dengue!)

  • tiredoftokyo
    September 10, 2014

    ahhh too bad, I hope we’ll rock FNO next year!!
    I’m still so sad I missed out on all the fun… instagram didn’t help much…

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