went to new hologrammy heights!


I guess everyone knows this feeling.
You use an item every day and you get a little bored with it… That’s what happens to me every 2~3 month with my iPhone case.
But this time I was really lucky I came across a wonderful case by Marc by Marc Jacobs, that felt just right for what I was looking for.

It has a very smooth but wavy texture and sits in your hand really well. Also, the one I got has a really cool oily-rainbow effect, if you know what I mean? It shimmers just like oil when light hits it.

I bought it over at Isetan in Shinjuku, and got the tiniest bag I have ever seen somebody had out with it. I didn’t know how to hold it, and could have easily just put the whole thing with bag or without in my handbag! Anyway, Thank you, Marc!

And on another note, I really have to clean my mirror… 

IMG 1575

IMG 1572
IMG 1568

IMG 0023

iPhone 5S Case – Marc by Marc Jacobs | get it here



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