bits of late summer sun


September might be one of my favorite months! The warm autumn sun, temperatures allowing for a little layering already, the fresh autumn scent lays in the air…
It’s just so nice outside!

And today was one of exactly those days!
Cold fresh air in the morning, when I went out for a morning walk, warm rays of the sun on my nose. Best Saturday I spent in a while ♥

Later I went out for food and a little shopping and felt all blue, not from the mind, but from my looks.
As I might have dropped a few times already, I’m so into blue this whole year already! I think it started in Spring, but a nice shade of royal blue is right on the top of my personal color ranking at the moment.

And about 2 weeks ago, I stepped into Forever21 in Shinjuku (where I worked in my student days, oh the fun!) and saw the perfect neoprene flare skirt and bordered blouseboth in exactly the same shade of blue – and I was in love instantly!


IMG 1578

MG 1589

IMG 1577

MG 1590

MG 1588

Skirt and Blouse – Forever 21
Bag – Balenciaga, Flats – Tatoosh 



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