warm colors and gold for cozy autumn days


curling up in a ball at home, with a hot chocolate, some nice books, …maybe the internet. 

That’s what this season is for me, and I wish I had more time for these cozy afternoons – just as today, as it is a national holiday in Japan! So no hard Monday feelings and a nicely spent September day instead!

Of course I didn’t stay in all day long, but my breakfast was spent with art, banana-yoghurt and said hot chocolate!


MG 1621

MG 1600

IMG 8644


Leather Earrings – present from my lovely sister, from Kein & Adel, Arty Ring – Yves Saint Laurent (also a present from her!)
Leather case – goa Novelty, Shades – Resexxy, Chanel No.5
Read – Parallele Gegensaetze, Karl Lagerfeld

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