is it orange time yet?


Around this time of the year, I always reinvent my love for orange.

I guess my favorite color always depends on the season, but as soon as the leaves start turning orange, so am I.
I don’t know why, but I usually keep my hair in a pinkish light-brown, but in Fall it tends to look – yeah, you guessed right – orange.
Which, paired with my seasonal orange obsission, makes me look like a pumpkin. I mean, at least it’s in season!

Look here! That was me two years ago around this time of the year. This year I was told I probably shouldn’t rock the orange hat with more orange, because of said pumpkin-look. And for now I am listening and switched to an orange-black combo (still a little Halloween?), but who knows, the season just started!

IMG 1719 Kopie

IMG 1723 Kopie

IMG 1718 Kopie

IMG 1721 Kopie

IMG 1717 Kopie

IMG 1722 Kopie

Kint – Maison Scotch
Crushed Jeans – Uniqlo (& my cutter knife), Moccasins – Minnetonka
Bag – Chanel, Necklace – Zara, Hat – Emoda

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