adding a layer of warmth


Finally! I can’t tell how weirdly excited I am about every degree dropping on the thermometer.
When I can get my mods coat out of the closet, I’ll throw a party!

Anyway, it was a little chilly recently, but not too cold yet, but to prevent my cold from becoming a grown flu, I decided on wearing my short furry vest.

I like how much volume it gives and its many different textures. And it really fits over almost any shirt, blouse, blazer, jacket, coat, … adding another layer of warmth to any outfit!

IMG 1746

IMG 1751

IMG 1731

IMG 1744

IMG 1739

IMG 1749

IMG 1750

Fur Vest – goa | similar models
Blouse – H&M, Jeans – Zara, Heels – Buffalo
Bag – Balenciaga, Necklace – Zara 

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