a little bit of Paris


…in form of a beret and a striped shirt dress. Oh the stereotypes.

Anyway, it’s Tokyo Fashion Week at the moment, or better, it’s almost over again. But even though Tokyo is sadly never so much into the whole Fashion Week thing – as New York, London, Paris and Milan seem to be that is – the city is still just a tad more active as it usually is, with lots of events centred around the Shibuya area.

After some trouble with my credit card was settled on Saturday, I used the rest of the weekend to explore what’s going on and was lucky enough to come across some events in the streets – so dragging myself around in heels all day was worth it!

I am still very inspired by the great lip stick I wrote about in my last entry and really wanted to create an outfit that would give the color enough room to pop – and what would be better for a splash of color to pop out than going with an all black-white-and-inbetween coordinate.

IMG 2085

IMG 2100

IMG 2084

IMG 2072

IMG 2079

IMG 2106
IMG 2086

IMG 2068

Beret – Duras, Shirt Dress – Topshop
Chester Coat – Spiral Girl, Bag – Chanel, Heels – Balenciaga

Also, I have been featured on LOVE STREET FASHION, a blog dedicated to street fashion, located in Poland and written by the lovely Aleksandra.
Check out the post and her great blog for some inspiration and beautiful photography!

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