Dress like a Dandy


It’s November! And I’m late on everything…

Anyway, in between I had some time to go shopping with one of my dear friends and we found the perfect long blazer / light coat.
I know, I’ve been going on about how I want colder weather and now I buy a light coat? Yes. Because: It was perfect.

We actually both ended up getting the same blazer in different color variations, after both trying it on and falling in love with it.
It has this great straight cut and together with the very detailed, checked houndstooth pattern it has a great dandy-like feel to it. And I don’t know if you noticed, but I really like long blazers or blazer like jackets, coats…… I need a bigger closet.

IMG 2265

IMG 2289

IMG 2255

IMG 2298

IMG 2257

IMG 2301

IMG 2259

IMG 2288

IMG 2312

IMG 2282

Blazer – ENVYM | here
Shirt – goa, Jeans – H&M
Heels – MURUA, Bag – Balenciaga

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