a pair of black pumps shouldn’t be missing in any wardrobe.


Thank you so much everybody for the lovely responses to my last post!
I got a lot of comments on my shoes, which I actually bought on the same day I got the blazer from yesterday’s outfit post – I just didn’t stress that so much because I just wrote about the perfect shoes two weeks ago…
Why are there so many perfect things around?

Anyway, as so many of you seemed to like them, I thought I might as well give them a little introduction.

They are by local Japanese brand Murua, which mainly produces casual but still chic and elegant women’s wear. I don’t think they ship internationally yet, but it seems to be in the planning for a few years already.

I’ve actually stared at these heels in awe for quite a while already, but… remember what I said about Japanese shoe sizing?
I was 100% sure my wide, weird feet wouldn’t fit anyway. Open sandal-type shoes (like the one’s in my very first #ootd post) are no problem, but I feared the tightness of pumps…
But then last weekend my friend Conny and I tried on a bunch of things in all kind of different shops, and I just gave it a shot, not being prepared for the outcome of these gorgeous babies actually fitting perfectly! Oh, the happiness!
And even better, they were on sale with another 20% off on in-store purchases, so my wallet was all happy as well.

Now I got hope for more pairs from Murua’s shoe collection, because they are just awesome at making outstanding shoe-art ♥
Examples here, here and here!

MG 2352

MG 2353

MG 2355

MG 2354

Pumps – Murua | find it here ON SALE!
And if you want some inspiration, check out the rest of their online shop too! I think a lot of their looks can easily be recreated!

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  • Cardozo
    November 6, 2014

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  • Miyagi Mermaid
    November 6, 2014

    Love it <3 I have a pair of platforms in a similar fashion from H&M, but I wish they were pumps.

  • Kirsten
    November 7, 2014


  • freshfoodfashion
    November 7, 2014

    These are great !

  • kawaiicandie
    November 8, 2014

    I often see really nice shoes in Murua!! but they are usually too high for me… T_T also, they’re usually pricey, and i’m cheap! haha. these are nice though!!

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