Light is Time by CITIZEN


Light is Time. 

Such a physical concept – yet turned into a breathtaking installation piece by watch-maker CITIZEN.
I was lucky enough to see the wonderful piece in person on it’s last scheduled day and I was mesmerised by how beautiful light and time worked together.

The installation inside the spiral part of the Spiral mall in Aoyama was made up of numerous golden clockworks, that were hanging from the ceiling, making it look as if a rain of gold was frozen in time. A ring of spotlights on the ceiling circled around with spots becoming darker and lighter again in the rhythm of one minute, which held the whole concept in itself = Light became Time.

But see for yourself.

IMG 8969

IMG 8965

IMG 8977

IMG 8976

IMG 8978

IMG 8956

IMG 8972

IMG 8975

I wish I had brought my nice camera instead of only my point-and-shoot, because the whole installation was just so beautiful. But I just headed over after work to see it, hence the tired face.

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