Flowers in Winter? Of course!


It gets colder and colder from day to day, but that won’t keep me from being a flower girl.

Flower patterns which might also look good on your grandma’s couch – that is all I want out of a nice flower pattern for Autumn and Winter! My skirt, which is actually a mini dress, fulfils exactly this requirement and I love the fabric to pieces! It is exactly the right mix of granny’s living room paired with equally vivid colors, as they are fit for the darker seasons.
It makes a great base for a light and playful outfit for colder days when worn with a knit on top, as well as a chic look with a blouse underneath or a cardigan on top when worn as a dress.

And on a random note, I am sorry for no life signs – except on Twitter I guess – for over a week. I was studying like a madman with my job being rather busy the whole last week, but now the exams are finally over, at work things are a lot more relaxed and only another 4 days or so until I fly home for the holidays – so finally time for things to calm down a little!

IMG 2823 Kopie

IMG 2834 Kopie

IMG 2808 Kopie

IMG 2817 Kopie

IMG 2812 Kopie

IMG 2829 Kopie

IMG 2814 Kopie

Skirt/Mini Dress – Rienda
Knit – goa | similar here, Parka – goa | get it here
Bag – Chanel, Boots – Tamaris | similar here

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