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Happy New Year!!
to everyone who celebrated yesterday – or still is!

I still feel as if I just started this blog and with a little more than three months on the list, it might be right to say so, but I can say that over this short period of time I have found so much joy, inspiration and creativity – and of course not to forget, friends! –  through this hobby that I am more than motivated to continue through 2015! 

I spent the Christmas Holidays in my hometown, Hamburg in Germany and returned to Tokyo only yesterday. I arrived just in time to take a shower and order a pizza to sit in front of the TV for the countdown… Rather unglamorous if you ask me. 
Anyway, if you follow me on instagram, you might have had a little insight on what I have been up to, but my time at home was short and stressful (isn’t Christmas always? I wish there was only one year, where I could just sit in front of a nice fireplace, snow falling outside, and read a good book for Christmas…) and even though I brought my laptop with a thousand ideas for tired of Tokyo, I didn’t have the chance to touch it even once… In other words: a few posts are in the making!

Also, I received a few e-mails while I was away and I will get to replying as soon as possible! Sorry to make you guys wait! 

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