first #ooty


Or nicely spelled out: first outfit of the year.

Just a quick coordinate from the 1. of January, all cozy and warm for visiting a shrine nearby with the boyfriend for the first prayers of the year – a Japanese tradition called Hatsumode.
After waiting in line for 20 minutes, throwing out old and getting new charms for good luck and drawing a fortune for the new year, it was time to check out the new year’s sales. Even though most shops were either incredibly cramped with people or closed for the day, I got a little, tiny something in vintage sales, which I will show you sometime soon!

Anyway, the look.
I know my big parka gets a little boring, but when it’s cold, it’s the best thing there is, so I tried to cope that boring feel with a little splash of color. And let me tell you, am I in love with these little gems! The earrings were a Christmas present from my sister and I love them to pieces!
Also, I’m really into black, white and the in-betweens lately, which makes coordinating a lot easier – and also made me bring home this gorgeous Falabella, which now helps me bring together all my black-white dreams. Yes, that’s what I ask of a bag...

IMG 3048

IMG 3080

IMG 3068

IMG 3051

IMG 3073

Earrings – Present from my sister, Bag – Stella McCartney
Knit – & Other Stories | find it here, Jeans – 7 for all mankind
Parka – goa | find it here SALE! , Moccasins – Minnetonka | find them here

13 Responses
  • Maria B
    January 8, 2015

    Happy New Year lovely! Those earrings are gorgeous, great job the sister did! Here’s to another year xx

    • tired of tokyo
      January 9, 2015

      Aww thank you, I’ll let her know 😉
      And the happiest new year to you too, Maria! <3

  • Melisa
    January 9, 2015

    Such a great look darling. I love those earrings. Happy New Year darling. Kiss, Mel

    • tired of tokyo
      January 9, 2015

      Aww thank you, Melisa <3
      Happy new year to you too! I hope it'll be a great one! 😉

  • Miyagi Mermaid
    January 9, 2015

    So pretty! Those earrings are glamorous, I love their color.

    • tired of tokyo
      January 9, 2015

      Thank you so much!
      I was taken away by how vivid and outstanding the pink is as well! Such statement earrings!

  • kawaiicandie
    January 9, 2015

    ahhh, i was gonna ask where you got your bag, but you got it abroad? T_T i really want a new bag like that, but everywhere is just hard, structured shape bags and i hate it… i want a floppy one… T_T

    • tired of tokyo
      January 9, 2015

      I know what you mean!! 🙁 For bigger bags, I like saggy and soft ones, but it’s so hard to find nice designs…
      I’m sure they sell the one I got in Japan as well, but it’s probably ten times the price as with most import fashion…

  • Vanessa Ciliberto
    January 9, 2015

    beautiful earrings!


    • tired of tokyo
      January 9, 2015

      Thank you so much! <3
      I was totally stunned by the color when my sister gave them to me 🙂

  • Christina Braccia
    January 10, 2015

    That jacket looks so warm yet so fashionable!!

  • signe
    January 12, 2015

    Ahhhh, parka troubles… My warm winter coat is the ugliest knee-length puffy North Face jacket on the face of the planet, but it’s warm as heck! I try to make it better with a scarf or a fun hat, but there’s just no improving my coat. Yours, however, is fun and furry in the first place. These killer earrings just take it to the next level!
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