a little something from the New Year’s Sales


The big event of every new year in Japan, probably even more popular than the actual holidays, the New Year’s Sale.

I’ve kind of grown out of the urge to join the masses and drag myself with the crowds from shop to shop – it’s the age of the internet you know!
But I couldn’t keep myself from the temptation the word sale holds, so I curiously clicked through the deals offered on various of my go-to sites, but this year, only one little item made it home to me.

Hedy, a Japan based, online-only vintage shop focusing on high fashion, had a lot of incredible deals in their New Year’s sale selection.
I’m having quite an obsession with brooches at the moment, because it’s so easy to upgrade a simple item with the use of just one cute brooch! I especially like to stick on on hats, berets or on the collar of my coat.
And Hedy had this very tempting deal on a simple, circular, Chanel brooch and I certainly could not resist.

IMG 3086

IMG 3096

IMG 3081

IMG 3085

Vintage Brooch – Chanel, via Hedy
Japanese Shop | International Shop

The whole outfit to this will be in the next post!

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