A short tale of dress up 〈日本語訳あり!〉


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Even works with a boring 5 minute outfit!

I had about 30 minutes to wake up and get ready, so I took what what at the top of my drawers, in this case a striped TopShop mini dress, which I decided to cut into shirt that very moment, and distressed Uniqlo Jeans. No time to fix my hair so please welcome, the emergency black fedora!
In combination with my meshed grey Chester coat, this looked okay, but quite boring and basically the whole look screamed for something to dress it up a little – and that’s where the brooch trick comes in handy! And I am talking about this brooch!
I guess it’s not exactly a trick, since… you know, that’s what brooches are there for: to stick them where they are needed.

Here, the brooch was needed and it came to the rescue and I pinned it to the collar of my coat! In combination with a little more gold around the ears and simple black and gold Chucks, I was finally convinced that I was ready to leave the house with a casual look that does not drown in it’s own casualness!

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Brooch – Chanel, Vintage via Hedy.jp
Shirt – TOPSHOP, Jeans – UNIQLO, Chester Coat – ENVYM
Earrings – Chanel, Vintage via Qoo, Necklace – EMODA, Hat – EMODA
Bag – MiuMiu, Shoes – Convers


● 日本語 ●



起きてから 出かけるまで30分しかない日って ありますよね。 クローセットを開けてテキトーに手の範囲にあるものを取って着る。この日はTOPSHOPのストライプミニワンピース(ワンピとして着るのもー飽きたなーと思って Tシャツにチョキチョキ♫)にユニクロのDIYクラッシュデニム。 髪アレンジは時間がかかるから軽くアイロンをかけて、黒のフェドラハットも登場!
メッシュグレーのENVYMのチェスターコートを上着にすると、まぁーまぁーOKなイマイチコーデに。どうかレベルアップできないかなぁと思ったら・・・ブローチだ! 厳密にいうと、このブローチです
ブローチは普通のアイテムを少しだけでも高級化したいなーというときに便利◎ (誰でも浮かべそうなことなんですが・・・)

仕上げに、CHANELのヴィンテージ物のゴールドブローチをコートの襟にON。さらにゴールドのヴィンテージ イアリングを付けて、シンプルブラックとゴールドスタッヅのコンバースを履いてみたら、カジュアルすぎないカジュアルコーデが完成! これで街に出てもよし♫

6 Responses
  • mika
    January 15, 2015

    Ugh too fab! Can I just hire you to be my personal stylist??? 😀

  • Floortje
    January 15, 2015

    You look great! I love your coat and green bag! Such a nice combo



    • tired of tokyo
      January 15, 2015

      aww thank you, that’s so sweet!
      the bag is actually one of my favorites, but most of the times i lack the confidence to use it, because the color is so bold… I should definitely get it out more often❤️

  • pipsysl
    January 18, 2015

    Love the colors! The contrast of your green bag with the golden details is amazing! You look so pretty 🙂

    • tired of tokyo
      January 25, 2015

      Aww thank you so much Filipa!❤️
      It’s one of my favorite bags actually that I get to wear out not enough…

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