how a pair of red heels can change a look & an MSGM sweater!


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I used to be a heel-loving flat-person

I am kind of converted now, but I still feel it is more appropriate to wear not-as-high heels and flats in daily life, because: Tokyo is a walking city.
Anyway, if you follow me on Instagram, you might recognise the look I’m posting today from this post. As I was in Germany at that time, and I only brought a very limited selection of shoes, I just went with what I have.
But when I came back to my Tokyo home and sorted through my shoe cabinet, I remembered I had not-that-high heels in exactly the shade of red the lips on my MSGM sweater are – so naturally, I tried to whole look again.

Also, I love sale! I got the MSGM sweater at Petra Teufel in Hamburg just a few days before Christmas and I love it to pieces. I love the material mix of the super comfortable cotton portion of the sweater against the shiny, watercolor printed front. It is a wonderful take on dressing up a usual sweatshirt with something luxurious and artistic.

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IMG 3126

IMG 3116

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Sweater – MSGM via Petra Teufel, Heels – ASOS | similar here
Jeans – Zara, Coat – ENVYM
Necklace – Zara, Bag – Balenciaga 



ところで、みのさんの中にはTired of Tokyoのインスタグラムこのコーデを見たことがある!って方がいるかな・・・?(靴以外このコーデと一緒^^;ドイツ帰郷時に撮影)
東京に帰ってきて、自分の靴を整理しようとしたら この真っ赤なプラトフォームヒールを思い出して 奇跡的にMSGMのセーターのリップカラーと同じ色だし!以前のコーデに足元と合わせてみよう!!!って!笑





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