January Favorites!


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With this post, I am starting a new series: my Monthly Favorites!
Due the end of every month, I will showcase a few things, places or moments I would like to share.

This month was all about Beauty and Wellness, as all my picks are something things to pamper your body and soul with.

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J’adore L’Or by Dior

My absolute favorite perfume at the moment, which was actually a Christmas present form my dad ♥
To me, J’adore L’Or is the secret queen of the J’adore series with it’s incredibly rich fragrance and luxurious design and gold color. I love it, because it combines the fresh smell of Spring using Rose and Jasmine, with sweet notes of Vanilla and the deep aroma of Amber.
It’s always so hard to describe a perfume and I don’t think I am very good at it, so, if you have a chance and like flowery fragrances, try it somewhere and tell me how you liked it!

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 While writing this, I guess all my January Favorites are presents I was gifted by my beloved friends and family.

Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Compact
from the Holiday Collection 2014

My friends Astrid and Madeleine both moved to Tokyo in last Autumn, which was probably one of the best things happening last year. I have known both of them for I can’t remember how long and am super happy to see them a little more than just once or twice a year.
Anyway, they gave me this wonderful Bobbie Brown Shimmer Brick as a Christmas present, and I can’t tell how much I fell in love with it. It is also the first Bobbi Brown item I can welcome into my make up collection.

You can use each stripe on its own or all of them blended together, which gives you so many options! At the moment I like to swipe my finger across two stripes together and use it as eye shadow – with a gradation already perfectly blended once I swipe my finger over my eyelid. I also put a little bit on my cheeks for an instant fresh and healthy glow.

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Loretta Base Care Oil

I got this wonderful hair oil from my friend Siobhan and I am sure it must have been made by the hair gods! It is by far the best hair oil I have ever used, it doesn’t make my hair heavy or greasy, and still helps so much to keep my hair moisturised. Also: since I started using it I didn’t have any problems with static electricity any more. Static electricity is a bit problem in the Tokyo Winter, since it’s super dry outside, cold, and rooms are mostly heated with air conditions – static electricity everywhere.

Anyway, I am really going to stock up on this, it already got it’s place in my daily routine.

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Aroma Candles
this one is from FrancFranc, Strawberry Vanilla scent

I have to say up first, I actually planned to include the candle my friend Alanna gave to me a few weeks ago, which was a super cute, pink, flower scented aroma candle made of Soy Wax, which actually burned down a lot differently than normal wax candles do. Sadly it also burned down in less than a week, because I loved the scent of it so much and would light it whenever I was in my room. So to substitute I bought a new candle myself at Franc Franc.

Let’s see what’s in for February!

1月のMy Favorites!

今日からスタート、新カレゴリーの「Monthly Favorites」。

① DiorのJ’adore L’Or

② Bobbi BrownのShimmer Brick
可愛いゴールド色のコンパクトは今 アイシャドーやハイライターとして使ってます。5色入りでバリエーションもばっちり!

③ Lorettaのベースケアーオイル
これも友達からのプレゼントだよん♫ シボンちゃん、ありがとう!! 今まで使ったヘアオイルの中で これが何よりもいいものなの!! 髪を滑らかに仕上げてくれるし 静電気でボサボサになる心配も全くない! おすすめー

Milk Tea by Siobhan

④ アロマキャンドル

VivaRilakkuma by Alanna


5 Responses
  • Miyagi Mermaid
    January 30, 2015

    I’ve never stepped inside Franc Franc before, I’m always with the wrong company, but just from looking through the window, I know that I’d find some things I want to make my apartment feel like home.

    Do you know if Floretta is sold at drug stores? It looks pretty fancy, like maybe I’d have better luck looking for it at Loft or something. My winter hair could use a little smoothing.

    Thanks for sharing~ Beautiful images make the items seem even more special.

    • tired of tokyo
      January 30, 2015

      Franc Franc is one of my favorite places to kill time at to be honest! Most of their things (especially furniture) are a little bit on the expensive side, but there’s always a sale section somewhere! haha~

      I think I’ve seen the Floretta hair oil at Cosme and Plaza shops!! I really really recommend it! I use one pump of it on my hair before blow drying and it leaves my hair with such a nice texture! Really great against the current weather!

      <3 <3 <3

  • mika
    January 31, 2015

    Omg that Dior perfume is gorgeous! I would buy it just for the look alone! Next time I’m shopping I’ll try to test it!

    That’s a great idea for eyeshadow with the shimmer brick! I think that I’m way too fair skinned to use it as a highlighter, the true color will end up showing, which can look quite odd! Although I’ve heard such great things about it! The holiday one you have is super pretty.

    And yay candles!

    • tired of tokyo
      February 7, 2015

      Be sure to test it, it instantly ranked in my top three favorite perfumes, it’s just so classy and elegant, yet so refreshing! ♥

      It’s funny, I’m super pale too, but the gold shimmer works more as a highlight blush I guess? All mixed together it looks a little orangish and looks really cute! 😉


  • Lucy
    February 4, 2015

    J’adore L’Or by Dior is gorgeous!

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