#newin: simple black Boots


IMG 3257

These beauties
are my latest addition to my shoe collection.

I was looking for a simple pair of black boots with a little bit of a heel to fit my whole wardrobe and it was a bit more difficult than I thought.
All-black was what I was looking for and suddenly, all black shoes vanished from the surface of the earth – or from all the places I was looking at. Most black boots that had the shape I was looking for had some kind of metallic application added somewhere. Usually I would agree in joy, because I love everything metallic, but having that bit of gold or silver on your shoe makes accessory coordinating so hard for me… My inner Monk just can’t do it.
Or they were just too pointy, too flat, too high, …the list goes on.

But after looking at all the promising places around Tokyo and going through various Online Shops, asos had the right pair for me.
I’ve never been happier that asos ships worldwide.
Simple black and perfect heel for daily life.

IMG 3256

IMG 3258

Chelsea Boots – asos, similar ones here

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どこにショップに行っても いいものが中々見つけず・・・

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