messy hair – don’t care


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I really didn’t know I had this messy hair when I stepped outside the door that day, but oh well.

It’s Spring in Tokyo – or we are slowly getting there with the first cherry blossoms blooming today, which means all the light and flowing things in my closet get to see the daylight again!
This super comfortable grey trench coat is an exception, as I found it randomly hanging around at Forever 21 and just recently became part of my collection. I’m sure my closet is going to burst anytime soon.

But anyway, super simple and comfortable outfit from last Tuesday when I went to see the CURATED presentation, walked around Midtown to Aoyama, and watched another show in the evening. Also, beware: I’ve got some more show reviews coming, I hope you’re not tired of seeing them! The last three days of Fashion Week were packed with so much talent, I don’t know where to start! And I guess I’m also not as routined for Fashion Week yet, as I kind of cracked halfway though the week and am now constantly feeling out of energy… How do all these cool people do it?!

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Trench – Forever 21
Shirt – H&M, Jeans – Zara, Shoes – asos
Bag – Balenciaga, Jewellery – Thomas Sabo, Jette Joop, Vintage Chanel (1999), Sunglasses – a.s.d.r 


今日 紹介するコーデは先週の火曜日のコーデなの♫  メルセデスベンッズコネクションに行われたCURATEDのプレセンテーションを見に行ってからミッドタウンのスタバでゴロゴロして、青山、表参道らへんまでお散歩。夜はまたヒカリエの戻ってショーを見て帰った。


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