March Favorites!


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It’s the last day of March! I am a little sad, because March is my favorite month of the year.
Not only because I was born in March, but also, because in March Spring begins, here in Tokyo the Cherry Blossoms start to bloom and I always feel super motivated for new things during this month! April will be super busy, so let’s see what the future holds!

My March recap will come in a few days – before that let’s check my favorites of March! – All birthday presents, I have the best family and friends! ♥

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My faithful partner throughout Fashion Week! I was looking to replace my Canon Power Shot G11 and found a perfect new companion! All runway photos I shared on here from the shows in Tokyo were taken with this little guy and I couldn’t be more satisfied with it.

I usually shoot everything with my Canon EOS 60D, which I love to pieces and don’t want to think of replacing anytime soon, but it tends to be too big to carry around at all times. The PEN E-PL7 fits into all my purses, even the smallest ones and is super fast which is great for quick snapshots. It also has a flip-screen, just like my old Power Shot, but it is also equipped with wifi and a powerful App to go with it, which allows my to use my phone as a remote control for the camera or instantly downloading photos onto my phone. I feel so high-tech with it! At least compared to my old camera.

The sad thing is that I was rushed when taking these photos, so the photo of the camera is taken with my iPhone5….. I am sorry PEN, this is not what you deserve…..





EMODA Ripe Lips Rouge Gloss in MILKY ROSE and Impressive Eye Color in SAFARI

My friends Madeleine and Astrid surprised me with this duo for my birthday! How did I deserve this??? My friends are the best!!
They got me EMODA’s Gloss in MILKY ROSE, a super milky pink, perfectly fit for Cherry Blossom Season, and an Eye Shadow in the color SAFARI, which is a soft gold brown – both I have been using ever since I opened the pretty box they came in ♥





The Gloss’ texture is super smooth and quite thick, so it is super long-lasting! I carry it with me all the time at the moment ♥
The Eye Shadow is nicely pigmented – I’ve had EMODA’s Eye Shadows before, they are all very rich in color – and applies in one finger-swish – yes, I rarely every use a brush for Eye Shadow.





Dior Vernis in Ruban (268)

This lovely little polish was given to my by my boyfriend! He thought this color matches the Cherry Blossom Season best – and secretly hoped it was a color I didn’t own yet. That’s apparently also why he went with Dior. I usually go with YSL everything, so Dior was a save choice – together with a little card to take back to Dior and choose another thing I like. Best boyfriend ever ♥

I love the color, it is exactly the subtle pink which fills all Tokyo at the moment. One coat will give you a semi-translucent cover, two coats totally cover your nails in cherry blossom heaven.






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