Recap: All about March!


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Nearly two weeks into April and I didn’t even post the highlights of March yet…

But now it’s time! For me, March was two weeks of work, then I spent a very productive and melancholic last day at my job with my coworkers, immediately after that Fashion Week came upon Tokyo, in between was my birthday, the day after I started at Amore, then my friend Jeni came to visit, Sakura season started and suddenly March was all gone again.

Super busy but fun month, but over way too quickly. I still have a pile of photos from fashion shows and presentation waiting for attention and to be posted as well as a few looks that didn’t get posted yet either… I need to work my way back to the present!

But until then, enjoy this past month! ♥

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Avocado and Chicken with Balsamic on English Muffin! Best mini Breakfast!

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Rainy days with Vouge on Coco Chanel

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Whole #OOTD here

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Beautiful things I discovered at Amore before opening.

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Right before the Onitsuka Tiger show – Show Review here.

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Right after the show with the super nice OTXAP beanie.
Whole #OOTD here.

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Fashion Week Tokyo, Survival Kit Day 1.
Sretsis’ invitation is so incredibly pretty!

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Sretsis’ Finale – Show Review here.

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Shameless selfie of the month.

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French Toast! Whole Grain Toast soaked with Almond Milk, Egg and Brown Stevia mix, topped with Banana and Almonds.

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Favorite look at byU – Show Review here.

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Being way too late for CURATED’s presentation… Presentation Review here.

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Whole #OOTD here

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Finished up arranging Amore’s shop!

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Jotaro Saito’s show – Show Review is still in the making… Too many photos of beautiful Kimono wear.

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Whole #OOTD here

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CURATED’s iconic rubber jewellery – Presentation Review here.

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Getting seated at Hanae Mori – Show Review coming soon. Be prepared for the most beautiful colors. And coats and bags and all!


Hanae Mori Finale

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Whole #OOTD here

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Having a break at THE DECK with coffee and pie.

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.mcma. Show Room – see the Review here.

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Love circular sunglasses. Whole #OOTD here

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Sakura Season is already over again, but this was the day of full bloom at Meguro River.

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Sunglass matching action with Jeni!

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March favorites. This camera is everything.


そのあとはすぐファッションウィークが開始して、私の誕生日があって、アモーレのオープンに向かって準備するのを手伝って、 友達のジェニちゃんが東京に来てくれて、桜が突然咲いて、そしてすぐにまた散って、四月のなりました。



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