Casual in Black, White and Siver


MG 4405

My basic tones of choice.

In January I fell in love with a plain black gathered, semi-long skirt at Zara. I took it home and then I realised something… I didn’t have any tops to go with it. Especially because I’m not much of a fan of tucking shirts into bottoms… But within the last month I tried my best to find things to go with the skirt – and who would have thought – half my wardrobe is actually compatible…

Honestly this happens to me all the time. I like a piece of clothing, then I buy it and bring it home, only to realise, or better trick myself into thinking, that I have nothing to go with it. I always need a little time to combine things and figure out what would go well with what.

This is also how this leather blouson made it out of my wardrobe again. I think I have it for well over 8 years; at time I wear it all the time, then I wear it not at all, only to rediscover it later again. And in this case it happened to add the little bit of missing rock to my skirt x shirt combo.

I also wanted to wear my silver adidas originals that day, so I thought it was a perfect chance for me to wear my new Vintage finds. I’ll show them in detail soon, but I was super lucky to find a pair of matching earrings to my silver brooch.


MG 4413

MG 4404

MG 4409

MG 4422

MG 4401

MG 4417

Skirt – Zara
Top – H&M, Jacket –  Gypsi
Sneaker – Adidas, Bag – Chanel, Brooch & Earrings  – Vintage Chanel 


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  • UK2Tokyo
    April 15, 2015

    Love it, you always take such stunning photos. I often buy a piece of clothing only to take it home and realise I have absolutely nothing to wear with it :(.

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