the last breeze before Summer


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The last day – that I can recall in the past few weeks – that was a cold enough for a wearing a jacket, so I went for a military inspired look this day. It was also the day I tried to change my hair parting from left to right and it totally didn’t work out, the hair wanted to go back all the time…

This day also became the day I first got to wear my cut-out-mini-heels! I recently saw them at STACCATO, a new chain of shoe shops here in Japan, that sells self designed shoes as well as imported shoes from Europe.
The cut out bit in the heel caught my eye, when passing by the shop a little while ago and when I went in to try them on, I was pleasantly surprised by the soft leather and very good quality. Such a great deal!

MG 4460

MG 4506

MG 4471

Jacket – goa, Shirt – H&M, Jeans – UNIQLO
Bag – Balenciaga, Hat – Emoda, Jewellery – Vintage Chanel

学校からの帰りにルミネエスト通って 一目惚れして、履いてみたらサイズもぴったりで早速購入。





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