Recap: All about April!


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April in a nutshell.

A very big nutshell, because April was a crazy month filled with shop openings, university entrance ceremonies, helping people to move houses, farewell parties, reunion parties, weddings, and just so much more. This time I decided to feature a few more things than just what I talked about on the blog and put up on Instagram! But see for yourself!


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Vintage Amore Tokyo opened it’s doors on April 1st with a great selection of mostly vintage Chanel goods. Come visit us!

IMG 0051

The last little bits of Cherry Blossoms

IMG 0053

IMG 0054

My friend Justin came over!

IMG 0055

With my friend Astrid

IMG 0057

IMG 0059

Yumo Koshino – see the whole post here

IMG 0061

On April 6. I entered Bunka Fashion College and Sumire is the schools self produced Fashion Magazine!
It’s only been a little more than a month, but I learned so much already – so happy I made the choice to go back to school.

IMG 4382

Whole outfit post here

IMG 0064

MG 4417

See the whole outfit post here

IMG 0069

Some Fashion Exhibition I attended in Harajuku – all mens fashion.

IMG 0070


IMG 0072

With my hometown buddy Anji @ salztokyo!

IMG 0076

Ore no French in Ginza – loved every bite of this!

IMG 0079

Most used items of the month!

IMG 0078

It was indeed a busy month and this month seems to go much slower than April. This is also the reason why I’m going to skip the monthly favorites this time, because I just cannot wrap it up…

Anyway, I hope you guys had a great month and that May is going to be even better for you!

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  • Louise
    May 12, 2015

    Oooh that vintage shop looks fab. Love that photo with the blossom petals and Chanel bag. x

  • Miyagi Mermaid
    May 14, 2015

    Ahh your blog should win awards for your beautiful photos and posts! I look forward to each one. c: Attending an arts school has always been something i wanted to do, I hope you learn a lot and share what you work on here as well.

    Happy May~

  • GeezKyraLouise!
    May 23, 2015

    Hello! Your blog is SO lovely and I love this post! I recently started a fashion, beauty & lifestyle blog and just posted my favorite summer smoothie recipe. It would mean so much if you would check it out! Kyra Xx

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