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So, it’s already been a while and May feels like a distant memory already, but nevertheless I am showing you my digest of what happened in May today!

I usually try to post these things at the beginning of the following month, but rainy season started in Japan and I went down with a horrible flu, still am, as I cannot hear very much and my nose could rather be describes as a faucet at the moment… So I was in my bed most of the last three weeks, even missed 2 days at school and since then tried to catch up, so blogging had to be set back for a little.

Anyway, May! I was super busy with learning how to sew skirts, working my last shifts at Amore and life in general, so I guess it’s kind of a mix of everything this time!


Florals and Metallic Accents
view the full story here


Froosh! It’s a fruit juice brand from Germany, so I was super stocked to see this familiar bottle of deliciousness in a convenience store over here!


My I need this kind of lunch once a week. I cannot help but love my Starbucks!


Caramel Smoothies with Shinoko! She’s Amore Tokyo’s shop manager! ♡


Super delicious food at MILK CAFE in Harajuku

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5 3

Freshening up some childhood dreams when visiting a Sailor Moon themed cafe!

6 2

FashionONE with their host Blogger Elke from came to visit Amore to shoot footage for their program!
I’ll let you know once the program is published!

MG 4460

the last breeze before Summer
view the whole story here


KBF Show report
see it here

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My boyfriend had his birthday in the middle of May and usually I try to find a cute chocolate cake, but I was so last minute this year and there was no chocolate in sight so I went with this artistic berry cake! Super delicious too!


I found my love for tulle skirts. More to come!


Already two years passed since I travelled to Kenya and I still talk about this trip at least once a week. It was one of the best experiences in my life and I cannot wait to go back some day!

11 2

Coming about rainy season, all flower seem to bloom more vibrant then ever.

11 3

11 4

Went for delicious Indian Curry with my friends Shiho and Risa!
I could eat only Nan for the rest of my life.

MG 4509

Denim on Denim
view the whole story here


Have been reading ‘How to be Parisian’ lately and it’s a great read that inflicts a lot of self-reflection and coming towards the conclusion that Parisian women are not too different from all the women in the world. But most dress better.

13 3

 Beautiful Installation at SPIRAL in Aoyama

13 5

 Because I was in the area I visited my Amore Girls after the installation. I miss all the girls there already, but I just can’t handle school and a job right now… way too sad about this.
NaoKodayu – me

13 6

 I really love talking photos in the dark with strong contrast.
Check his YouTube


Relaxing times on the rooftop of Marui Department in Shinjuku

14 3

It is no secret that I love Sretsis to pieces, but after my latest visit to their shop in Aoyama, buying a super pretty blouse I had eyed for a while already, I received this beautiful letter! They really know how keep their customers close to their heart! Can’t wait for the F/W collection to hit the shops!

14 4

With Anji from SALZ TOKYO and muscle flexing Arni in the back!


I got bangs that day!! Last selfie without them!


My cousin Stefanie Thiele took a part of my artist statement and made this wonderful piece of typography out of it!
She’s such an artistic genius!


How long was that? I hope you got through to the end!

How was your month? Or anything special happening lately?




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  • mika
    June 22, 2015

    love your photos as usual! <3 glad you had a lively month but that flu doesn't sound very fun 🙁

    • tired of tokyo
      June 24, 2015

      Awww thank you darling❤️
      I hope I get the flu out of my system within the next week though… It’s sadly super persistent…

  • UK2Tokyo
    June 25, 2015

    Wow quite busy and you were sick :O I hope you’re feeling better now :).

    “I could eat only Nan for the rest of my life.” …THIS, agree so much!! I have to take you to the two indians near me …such good nans.

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