The perfect Saturday Morning Treat: Oatmeal & Cottage Cheese Pancakes



I think I overate on Banana Pancakes… I just had them one time too often and now the feeling of looking forward to wake p the next day because I’m having my Banana Pancakes is gone.

But I still love pancakes, I just needed something with a little more firmness and slightly different taste for a change.
That is why I tried a few different combinations with random things I had around and came up with the perfect substitute filled with fibre to give you energy for the whole day and get your metabolism working: Oatmeal and Cottage Cheese Pancakes!

Read on for the recipe




The Recipe

・ 4 Table Spoons of Oatmeal
・ 2 Table Spoons of Cottage Cheese
・ 2 Eggs
・ A little Almond Mild or Liquid of your choice to liquify if needed
・ Splash of Salt

・ Greek Yoghurt
・ Frozen or Fresh Fruit


Mix and Blend all the first 5 ingredients together until you have a smooth batter. Heat up a little bit of Coconut Oil in a frypan and fry the pancakes. One minute on each side should be enough!

If you like your pancakes like I do with yoghurt fluff and frozen berries, blend about 80g of Greek Yoghurt with a few frozen berries and use another handful of berries as garnish to place randomly around the pancakes.
You can use any other fruit you like, but I really recommend frozen berries or mango!





These pancakes make a great weekend breakfast treat! Let me know if you tried the recipe or have your own pancake twists! I love to broaden my pancake horizon!
Also, I recently tried this recipe with water soaked chia seeds instead of the eggs and it worked just well!


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最近はまっててよく作ってます。 ヘンルシーなスイーツ朝食! しかも簡単で20分以内に作れちゃうので是非作ってみてください!

・ オートミール 大さじ4
・カッテージチーズ 大さじ2
・卵 2個
・アーモンド乳 もしくはお好みのミルク類 少々
・塩 少々


材料をミキサーでスムーズな生地にして、ココナッツオイルをひいたフライパンで焼きあげます。 トッピングをお好みで載せて 出来上がり!


6 Responses
  • mika
    August 15, 2015

    omg this looks super yummy! will def try it!

    • Nicola Thiele
      August 15, 2015

      please do!! I’m so obsessed with this recently, the pancakes become so fluffy because of the cottage cheese!

  • Tania
    August 19, 2015

    Looks so delicious x

  • Angelica
    November 20, 2015

    where did you find cottage cheese in tokyo? I havent seen it in any of my local supermarkets. Or maybe they name it differently?

    Thanks :))

    • Nicola Thiele
      November 21, 2015

      I actually just get it at the supermarket (Maruetsu or Santoku) and it’s in a blue gingham checked containter and it just says cottage cheese (カッテージチーズ) on the lable! Here is a photo of it!
      I hope this will help you! It can be so hard to find what you’re looking for over here, I’m still on the hunt for some quark…

      • Angelica
        December 1, 2015

        Thank you! Found it 🙂

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