Aoyama backstreets


MG 4943

I was walking about the backstreets of Aoyama on a hot Summer day last week and the light was just right so I actually took photos somewhere else other than right outside my apartment’s door! It is really nice for a change and I will try to do outside shoots more often!

As I said, it was hot that day and I usually had planned a trip to the beach, but since Japan is getting a lot of shark alarms recently and you can’t go swimming at most beaches, the day ended up being spent around Omotesando eating ice cream and other delicious treats just wandering about. But I still wanted to stick with my beach day theme, so I decided on wearing this simple white shirt by GYDA with palm trees and sunsets on the detail pocket and went for loose beach waves! At least a little beach flair!


MG 4922

MG 4976


MG 4992
MG 4968
MG 4962
MG 4938

最近 海に行きたくて・・・でもサメが色々でてるみたいで今年の夏は都会で過ごすことにしました。 ビーチを忘れずに 癒しの木とビーチ柄付きのTシャツを愛用してるけどね。 ちなみに去年のGYDAのものです。

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