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Summer break is almost over.

Every year when the end of August rolls around I have to think back of when I first came to Tokyo six years ago. I had lived near Osaka before when I was taking part in a high school exchange program for a year, but only visited Tokyo a few times before I decided to attend university and live in this city for three years. The week before classes started were filled with orientations and moving into the dormitory – which I really hated, so I only slept there once, then moved in with dear friends and ultimately moved into the apartment right next to them!

My first own flat! What felt like an incredibly large space for only me alone, feels like a cramped, tiny shoe box today after three years plus of art, my boyfriend and his five guitars moving in and with all the things you bring home with you in six years.
It doesn’t take much to fill out your own space and turn it into a liveable place though!

From the beginning until now it was always important for me to make my home my ‘Home away from Home’.
Luckily, my preferences and style have changed a lot over the years: When I first moved in I thought pink curtains, black and white furniture and grey leopard patterns were exactly my thing; now I settled on all white furniture with light beige curtains and paisley patterned bedding! & As for all I know, I would really like to have one of these beautifully simple bedding sets by Parachute in my home right now!
But to really make it feel like home at home, I need memories on my walls and shelves, my morning coffee and a tad of creativity!

So make yourselves comfortable and have a little house tour around my favourite corners in of the 24㎡ I call home here in Tokyo!







It is hard to arrange small spaces and I think I could make this small space work even better, but for now, this is home.

For that matter, I won’t show you the super ugly kitchen I have to live with or my entrance, which is basically a pile of shoes. But as long as you have a few corners which remind you of the snug feeling of being at home, it is easy to get used to the not so nice parts of a flat.

And a little more on living in Japan.

You are usually not allowed to change anything in a rented flat, so I have to live with the ugly yellow kitchen, the weird wooden sliding door with glass inlays and yellowish walls… I am not even allowed to drill holes in my walls to place some shelves, so whatever is on my walls is held up there by regular push pins! I would love to have a wall hanging shelf right over my desk but even push pins have their limits.
This is really something I love about apartments in Germany for example, where you mostly get a raw place to arrange to your liking.

But as I said, for now, this is where I am living and I just renewed my contract for another 2 years. This won’t keep me from dreaming though, so I put together a little collection of things I would love to have in my flat – if I had the space though.

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  • Malwina
    August 28, 2015

    Awww! This reminds me of the little film we made a year ago!!

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