Diary | Fashion’s night out in Tokyo 2015


Yesterday, Vogue’s Fashion’s Night out was held in Tokyo and since I was super sick last year and couldn’t join, this year had to be double the fun – and it sure was!

Up first was a lunch date with old friends and new friends and after that we went right for the crowds, walking about shops that looked interesting, having a drink here and there, randomly meeting friends in the streets, having a few more drinks, winning a bunch of things and ending the night with lazy Burritos! I definitely had an awesome night, and now I can’t wait for Fashion Week to roll around again – only one more month!

Read on for all our adventures of the night!

IMG 5882


IMG 5872

IMG 5879

The first freebie of the night, Häagen-Dazs Chestnut flavored ice-cream sandwich!


At the Adidas Originals shop!

IMG 5885

And at their photo wall featuring the new TUBULAR
I love this mono-grey version!


At Opening Ceremony – Loving the whole KENZO Canvas series!!
Circular bag here, Big Tote here, Bucket Bag here


They had a lot of entertainment at Opening Ceremony! Here we tried Japanese Yo-Yo fishing – you received a ¥1000 coupon for every ballon you pulled out the water! I’m super bad at these kind of games, so no ballon for me, but I ended up taking Anji’s ballon home!


More drinks for the girls!


Marvellous Violin performance at Star Jewelry at Omotesando Hills, where we tried cold pressed vegetable juice. I tried Beets juice and had super stained lips afterwards!



At Issey Miyake we were handed bracelets with their newest scent PLEATS PLEASE and I loved it and will definitely check back!

IMG 5896

Finally we went to Sretsis, who invited me to play a round of Fortune Wheel and I did way better than I would have expected! Thanks everyone at Sretsis ♥

Come see if you can get a jackpot at Wheel of luck🍓🍇⭐️ #SretsisInnAoyama

A photo posted by Sretsis japan (@sretsisjapan) onSep 12, 2015 at 4:57am PDT

Have a look at their Instagram with my whole cheerleader squad!


Can you believe I won all these accessories at Sretsis? I am so happy, especially since I really wanted the microphone brooch from their Spring/Summer collection, but it sold out and it was nowhere to be found… and now I won one! Am I even awake?! SO happy!


And our very last stop at Guzman y Gomez for some well deserved Mexican food to end the night!

昨日は表参道エリアに行われたVogueの大イベント Fashion’s Night Out に参加しました! 毎年色んなショップを周ったりして楽しかったけど 去年は風邪でダウンしてて、行けなかったから今年は倍楽しまなきゃ!ということで友達とランチしてからラフォーレやおもはらからスタートしてアディダスオリジナルス、オーペニングセレモニー、表参道ヒルズ、スタージュエリー、ロエベ、メソンキツネなどなど、そして最後に大好きなスレトシスへ ♥
欲しかったアクセをルーレットで当たって申し訳ないでとてもハッピーな気分で1日を終えた♫ スレトシスさん、いつもありがとうございます!


4 Responses
  • mika
    September 13, 2015

    I’ve never been to a FNO before but it looks so amazing! Maybe someday I can do that in LA or something! Seems like such a fun time and even better with all the gorg fashion and freebies!

  • Miyagi Mermaid
    September 14, 2015

    That brooch is amazing, how lucky!

    Is Vogue’s Fashion Night Out an invite only event? I saw lots of post about it on Twitter and was curious, it looks like so much fun.

    • Nicola Thiele
      September 24, 2015

      So sorry for the late reply, I never get notifications for comments any more since I moved my blog… I need to figure something out

      It’s a 100% free event! Everyone can go and in Tokyo most shops around Omotesando and Aoyama take part with drinks and food and little goodies too! This year had a lot of “Post a picture of //something// and get //something//!”, so I guess it’s a win-win thing, since the shop will get publicity and you get something nice out of it too!
      But it really is such a fun and active event, if you have the chance, you should come and join sometime! ♥ They are also doing it in Osaka in October!

  • thefrocker
    October 7, 2015

    Adidas Originals & Kenzo look great! But those goodies from Sretsis… *happy twirl*

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