Black Everything


MG 5426

Zara Black Sheer Sweater (similar here)
Zara Black Long Vest (similar here)
Zara Distressed Boyfriend Jeans (similar here)
Stella McCartney Falabella Bag (in Black or in Grey)
Forever21 Boots (similar here)
Onitsuka Tiger Beanie (similar here)

Lately, my closet is slowly turning into a black, grey, a little white, and a tiny bit of color thing and I have absolutely no idea how this happened.
But bare with me, there might a few black centred look posts for the next time, even though I am deeply craving for everything beige right now – I really don’t know what’s happening right now.

This might also be, because I am crazy busy at the moment. I tried to work a little ahead in school, because today Tokyo Fashion Week started! For me, it really starts tomorrow though – and I may or may not skip the my last class of the day to go see two shows…   You know of nothing! But anyway, I am super excited for this whole week!

So the next week is packed with fresh fashion from Tokyo and I will try my best to keep you up to date on what’s happening! But first, let me show you this nearly all black look!

MG 5433

MG 5428

MG 5439

MG 5443




最近撮ってもらったコーデ写真を見て 「ブラックだね」と言われて、
確かにそう と気づきました。 最近ベージュを着たいのにね・・・まあ

私は明日から参加しますので 今ちょっとずつ緊張してきてる 笑



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