Tenbo // SS2016


As I said, Fashion Week started for me yesterday, and the first show I attended was Tenbo’s presentation at Mercedes Benz Connection.

I had been looking forward to this show for a while now, as Tenbo and it’s Designer Takafumi Tsuruta focus on a message that is very close to my heart: fashion for everybody. Fashion that works for everyone, also those who are not covered by the grand mainstream. Their presentation on Tuesday underlined this by a hugely diverse cast of models, which was an incredibly refreshing and hopeful start into the week for me.

This collections theme was 1945, with the show being opened by two young men, one being the Little Boy and one the Fat Man representing the nuclear bombings in Japan due the end of WW2, so besides the very humanitarian message the brand holds upon itself, this collection referred to nuclear weapons and the destructive power of radiation, which Japan has to deal with once again after the earthquake and following tsunami and nuclear crisis around Fukushima, while closing the show with two models wearing rainbow colored creations made of paper cranes – a symbol for piece and hope.

I sadly wasn’t very lucky with my seat, as I could only see most of the models from behind, so if you are interested in seeing the collection beyond of what I was able to capture, click here!











Official Collection Photos

Tenbo Official Website


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