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MG 5483

Zara Ribbon Collar Blouse (similar here)
Vintage Leather Jacket (similar here and here)
&Nostalgia Pleated Tulle Skirt (similar here)
Zara Silver Pointed Oxfords (similar here)
Thomas Sabo Charm Necklace
Balenciaga Classic Mini City Bag

2 weeks of unplanned blogging hiatus – it happens.
After Fashion Week was over, I had to catch up on all the things I lay off during the few days of runways, events and showrooms, but despite of what I thought, catching up again took longer than I thought. But Having a few days off at the moment I caught up on everything else and now the blog needs some catching up! I will post the remaining Fashion Week Brand Reviews within the next week and in between I’ll show you some of the outfits I snapped during the last weeks!

Also, in super random news, I finally broke under all the peer pressure and started actually using my snapchat for snapping myself! Add me at colalanicola!

Anyway, about the outfit! I really like the instant dolly look this ribbon collared blouse gives any outfit and pairing it with this dreamy tulle skirt just underlines this – so I felt basically obliged to break that routine with a leather jacket on top, but I figure my jacket isn’t edgy enough so all together ended up looking more like a 50s rock ’n’ roll inspired look. And I didn’t mind at all!


MG 5484


MG 5485


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