Ever since December started I’ve been busy. And when I say busy I mean that all this long, when I thought I was really busy, I actually was not.
Because the last two weeks topped everything I have ever experienced that I thought of as busy.

I wrote reports, I made a Jacket, I wrote a report on said Jacket, I made patterns for three dresses, then made those three dresses, I stayed at school until at least 8PM most of the days and in between I prepared myself to make 3 more dresses and a mini bag and leather goods collection over the winter break.
All my friends who graduated from fashion schools or dropped out half way through warned me that without commitment you won’t last long, but with commitment your social life dies out and now I really get what everyone wanted to tell me.
Nevertheless, I love where I am at right now and from next year I hope I can show you a little more of all of this work and how the Bunka life is like!

But anyway, today was the day I’ve waited for for a while now. Today is the first day for the next few days that I won’t worry about falling behind or not being ready with a project on time! From today at 3PM winter vacation started for me and now that I am done packing all my things together, I am so ready to get a few days off!

First, my boyfriend and me are off to Paris for a little and after that we are going to Austria over the Christmas days!
I am so excited for what is waiting for me and I hope I can let you lovely people know what I am up to! I would also be super happy if you have any recommendations for us, where to eat, the hidden spots I have to visit, the best vintage shops around town, and so on – really I am happy for any small hint! ♥

I will definitely update my Instagram → tiredoftokyo and for sure my latest guilty pleasure Snapchat → colalanicola



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4 Responses
  • Charlotte
    December 15, 2015

    Klingt super 🙂 Ich bin froh zu lesen, dass es dir gut geht und du so viel Spaß hast, auch wenn es viel Arbeit und Dedikation bedeutet. Viel Spaß in Paris und Österreich!


    • Nicola Thiele
      December 17, 2015

      Vielen Dank Charlotte! ♥
      Zum Glueck ueberwiegt auf jeden Fall der Spass am Unterrichtsstoff, aber so ab und zu mal was ganz anderes wo ganz anders zu machen ist ja auch nicht schlecht!☺︎

      Liebe Gruesse!

  • Samantha Mariko (@samantha_mariko)
    December 16, 2015

    One of my friends goes to Bunka right now, and it seems pretty busy and a lot of work! lovely you are traveling during the holidays, have fun!

    • Nicola Thiele
      December 17, 2015

      Thank you Samantha!
      & I actually think I might know your friend (William?)
      He introduced me to your blog when the semester started and we’re in the same class too! ☺︎

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