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Today is the last day of 2015.

I just got back home from what felt like a two week marathon of touristy things in Paris, skiing and snowboarding in Obergurgl in Austria and a tiny bit of relaxing at home in Hamburg so I’m not planning a big party for today’s New Year’s Eve. Instead I’ll have delivery pizza and a pay a midnight visit to the nearest Shinto Shrine for good luck in 2016!

2015 has been a turbulent year for me filled with self-doubt and new beginnings, which led to me ultimately being very proud of where I am now and very excited of what is to come in the near future! Sitting in a class full of kids at least 4 to as much as 8(!!) years younger than yourself definitely isn’t easy, but whenever I feel stuck I look back at what I already did in those few years and regain my motivation within no time!
& at the risk of being super TMI: on the downside of 2015, I gained a ton of weight – 17kg to be precise – from side effects of an Implanon stick in my left arm… which is also the reason for less #ootd posts on here, as none of my clothes fit me any more. But I’m working on this little obstacle!
Above all I am very thankful and happy for everything that has happened to me during this year and all the new experiences I was able to make! More to come I hope!

On to the stats!


I made 78 posts in 2015, that’s one post every 4 to 5 days. My plan for 2016 is to up that frequency a little bit to every 2 to 4 days!

tired of Tokyo was most clicked on by visitors from #1 Japan, #2 Germany and #3 the USA! In total I had visitors from 98 countries!
That really makes me reconsider making my blog bi- or even trilingual. I thought about this from the very beginning, sometimes adding Japanese translations to my entries, but since I moved to self-hosting making different language versions of my blog became a real option – I just have to figure out how to do it! If anybody has any experience with things like this please let me know! ♥

And now the most interesting part for me – the most read posts of 2015!

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This gives me a little insight on what you guys actually want to read on my blog. Not a single #ootd post is in the ranking – something which I always thought was the heart of every “fashion blog”. But rather than than, a lot of personal posts, as well as reviews and not to forget a DIY post made it to the higher ranks throughout to #10!
I was so surprised and happy to see this, as it tells me that most of you are rather interested in my experiments with personal entries here and there!

This list reassured me that I can take a lot more freedom in what I publish on here! A whole new range of ideas on what to post next makes blogging so much more fun!


Okay, I know you all probably have better things to do on this last day of 2015 than reminiscing about the year on my blog, so I won’t make this post too long and take this last bit to thank you all for visiting tired of Tokyo now and then and making blogging so much fun for me! I love reading your blogs and connecting with every one of you and I hope to do so even more in the next year!

So Happy New Year 2016 to all of you and I hope you’ll have a smooth start into the new year!



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