Hello 2016!



Happy new year 2016!

It took me a few days to get back to my blog after New Year’s Eve, but I actually already worked on putting one of my new year’s resolutions in practise: From today on tired of Tokyo will be written trilingual in English, German and Japanese!

I am still in the process of translating and especially the menu bar is quite buggy at the moment, but I will sort things out within the next few days!
For now, if you want to read this post in another language, just click the language option in the side bar!

That said, a little bit more about how I spent New Year’s Eve.
The jetlag I brought with me from Europe was actually my life saver that night, because it made it a lot easier for me to stay awake. I think Japanese New Year traditions are quite relatable to Christmas traditions in Germany: You enjoy the festive days cozily with family and friends and mainly keep on eating good food for a few days. In that manner, we ordered a big pizza, watched comedy on TV and just when the clock turned 12 we went out and made our way to a shrine nearby.

To tell the truth, I wish for some fireworks every time – but I guess I can’t have everything!



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