Red Lips and a Sweet Pouch


MG 5781

& Other stories Demi Matt Lip Colour in Imperial Carmine
Undercover Crepe Pouch via Opening Ceremony
MSGM Satin Lip Print Sweater (similar here or here)
MSGM Cocoon Bonding Coat
Zara Jeans
& Other Stories Platform Flats (similar here and here)
Louis Vuitton Agenda Wallet

Two things:
First, I found the perfect shade of red lipstick! And second, I have a thing for sweet bags.

MG 5778


The Lipstick:
I have never been big on red lipsticks. I love all my pinks, oranges and beiges, but with a layer of bright red on my lips I always felt more like a snow-white version of a clown… But apparently there are lots of studies around which prove that wearing red lipstick will make you more confident and give you more strength – so naturally I longed for my version of that handy ego booster!

And after years of trying this and that and a little box of abandoned didn’t fit me after all shades hidden in my drawer, I found the perfect rusty red at & Other stories when I was in Hamburg! I actually found another long searched for color there as well, which I will post about soon! Really loved their selection of colors!
And now, after 3 weeks of testing, I finally have a red that works with my face in my opinion and I love using it! Definitely a little ego boost I got there!

The Purse:
I’s a crêpe! In Tokyo, crepes used to be the food of Harajuku (I don’t think they are any more though with all the trend foods of the past years),but you can still find many crêpe shops around the area!
I will always link crêpes with fun walks down the bubbly and colorful Takeshita Street together with a bunch of dear friends! That’s why I was immediately sold when I saw this little printed leather purse by Undercover when I saw it at Opening Ceremony sometime last year. And there were other options too, a sandwich, a hamburger, herbs… But I definitely have a sweet tooth!

Honestly speaking though, the crêpe bag doesn’t fit much more than my new lipstick and my tiny agenda wallet, but sometimes it’s better to go minimal, right?

MG 5752

MG 5784

MG 5780

MG 5772

MG 5764

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MG 5789

MG 5756




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  • Miyagi Mermaid
    January 24, 2016

    Ah I am the same, so pale and avoid red lipstick for fear it only adds 10 years to my face and makes me look like a stripper. But the color you found is gorgeous! I hope I will be as lucky one day~

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