Knowing Your Limits


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One of my good friends who graduated from fashion school repeatedly told me that studying fashion is hard, that half of the students will give up somewhere in between and that if you are not one of those throwing the towel, you will have to cut back your own life quite dramatically.

Really, thanks for the heads up!
Since I had this perspective from the beginning I started to adapt my time management right from the start and even though the deadlines are tough I was always able to hand in my projects on time.
That was until I decided to test my limits and make three dresses instead of the required one dress for the project we had to complete for the past two months. With final exams in between too! What great timing!

So while I was sewing the nights away, I spent my days studying at Starbucks living on coffee and scones.
My head was so full with fabric chemistry, theoretical garment making, fashion history and what not, that I couldn’t even reply to texts on my phone, because oh the distraction!

I haven’t seen or even had the time to contact most of my friends all January and February,
I developed a sleeping pattern that I don’t fully understand myself,
and I neglected this blog to a point that felt close to the feeling I had just before I created it: craving for a creative outlet. And even though I wanted to, I couldn’t even squeeze in the time to bring my thoughts in order to write an entry on here.

Next thing I knew the end of February rolled around and I handed in my dresses – and the complimentary 40page report – 2 days after the deadline.
The perfectionist in me still cringes at that. And  the planned 12 posts for February here on the blog were cut short to a mere 2…


Today is the first day of March.
In the last two months I learned my limits. But not the limits of my physical capacity, because I know that I could have done even more, but the limits of how much of my life I am willing to sacrifice towards some deadline.


This said, the three dresses are walking the runway next Monday and my first year of studying at Bunka Fashion College will be over in only 11 days!
And I honestly can’t wait to show you what I was working on!



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  • GDR.
    March 2, 2016

    This is definitely a cautionary tale to know one’s limits, but you did it!
    You worked really hard and stuck with your intense idea.
    Gotta say I’m impressed! I can’t wait to see what you’ve made.

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