Hanae Mori manuscrit Autumn / Winter 2016



Yu Amatsu has been designing for Hanae Mori for the 4th season now and this time he said he was inspired by inorganic and organic substances.
First I couldn’t make much out of that, but as soon as the show started, the inorganic/organic cut was quite clear: The first half of the show, monochromatic, rather architectural pieces in burgundy and teal walked along, while after that Hanae Mori’s spirit animal, the butterfly, had it’s big entrance on various draped gowns and dresses with big bows as details.

Looking back at all of if now, I definitely liked the first inorganic half of the show a lot better, because of the cleanliness of the lines and the overall look also was very much now.
The butterfly part of the collection seemed a bit forced, since Hanae Mori has been the Madame Butterfly house for as long as the brand exists – it might be time to incorporate the butterfly a little more subtly.

And other than that, I really need this bag on bag on bag combo in my life!!


Screen Shot 2016 03 29 at 08 22 32


Screen Shot 2016 03 29 at 08 23 50

Screen Shot 2016 03 29 at 08 27 19


Screen Shot 2016 03 29 at 08 26 22

Screen Shot 2016 03 29 at 08 28 29

Screen Shot 2016 03 29 at 08 29 42


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