with a flower in my hair


MG 6168

Sretsis Hello Daisy Earring & Ring (find both here)
Zara Light Trenchcoat
Zara Jeans
Mango White Sheer Shirt
Sretsis Red Tassle
Balenciaga Mini City Bag
Staccato Shoes

Who doesn’t love these days when you take a break from life in a garden or park.  Just letting time pass by slowly, watching the clear sky above.

These days are exactly what this incredibly cute jewellery collection by Sretsis reminded me of: free spirited times, celebrating the moment with a flower in your hair.
I was sold the minute I lay my eyes on the statement earrings, which look like daisies tucked over your ear and in combination with the rings, that are flowers wrapping your finger, my Spring jewellery dreams were fulfilled!

I shot these photos already two weeks ago, when Spring slowly started to show it’s face and I was wearing my flowers to keep the fresh spirits up, but when I look out of my window right now, this all seems very distant. My favorite season in Japan just started: the cherry blossoms started blooming and Spring is finally here!

MG 6144

MG 6171

MG 6158

MG 6153

MG 6175




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