Travel Diary: Takaragawa Onsen


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I’ve been living in Japan for about 7 years now. This number seems incredibly to me and whenever I think about it, I wonder why I haven’t seen more of this country yet.

So when my friend Linda asked me to join her in an Onsen trip to Gunma during Spring break, I jumped onto the opportunity right away and the next thing I knew was that the two of us took three different local trains up into the mountains.
Despite being here for a while already, I had never been to an Onsen (= hot spring) before so I was super excited for this whole trip! We visited the Takaragawa Onsen near Minakami, a popular area for hot springs in Japan,

As soon as we arrived, we went outside to explore the place, or better: Linda showed me around, since she had been there before and I was overwhelmed by everything I saw! The whole Onsen site is beautifully built along the Takaragawa river with older and newer Ryokan (hotel buildings) and stone encircled all natural baths a little further down the river. Everything is interconnected by maze-like corridors and outside bridges guide you over the river.
Once we arrived back at our room, we changed into Yukata-robes and tried the four outside baths until it was time for dinner. The next day we woke up early so we could take some more photos around the baths outside before we had breakfast and left for our next adventure – which I’ll write about in the next travel diary post!

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