Creative Block – and how I break out of it!



My second year of Fashion School officially started a month ago – as you could guess! Only 2 posts in April?! It’s May already?! I couldn’t really believe it myself… but let’s focus.

This year is the year I actually get to do things how I want to do them with little to no restrictions and I am also taking a special course which is only about entering as many fashion related contests as possible. You guessed it: the pressure is real.

But today I am not going to focus on my school, but rather the pressure that comes with creativity.
Not too lang ago I started using Pinterest more actively and created a million boards – most of them private though, because I tend to pin a lot. I flip through my boards over and over again in search of a little hint of inspiration but somehow instead of inspiration striking, I rather feel desperation, because it seems everything and anything has been done before. Looking through all these innovative ideas I found so fascinating a second ago, now seems quite boring… And when you get bored by all of what you see the creative block isn’t far away.

Being overwhelmed by too many genius ideas others had a few years before me, mentally drags me down.
That’s why at the moment I try to take a step back and reconnect with my creative roots which lie in photography trapping memories in time. We had to design a whole Spring/Summer collection over Spring break and when I think about it now, I had basically nothing done until I went on the trip to Gunma and reconnected with my camera.

This made me also realise that in order to be inspired I need to see new places. Tokyo usually was a great source of inspiration for me, but as it is with falling into familiar patterns, even living in a city as big as Tokyo turns into an everyday routine with not much new left to explore. 

I’m only one month into the new school year, and since day one the pressure on each one of us is high, but for now, I am confident that my photography can bring me back on track whenever I feel stuck in a dead end.

And this isn’t even only true for uni related things. I consider my blog as one of my creative outlets, but with nothing to let out, there is nothing to post on here. I usually have a super clean desktop screen, but right now it is filled with folders of photos only waiting to be posted! So lots of catching up to do in the next time!

Also, right now I am working on writing a bit more about my student life at Bunka Fashion College. I am trying to find the balance between the diary of a Fashion Design student and giving solid information, but since this year seems to become a lot more interesting than last year I feel as if I can finally show a little more of what I am actually doing at Bunka! 

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  • kathryn
    May 2, 2016

    good to hear you are getting back on track! missed your posts, nicola!

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