Mother’s Day


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The last Mother’s Day I spent together with my mum was in 2011.
Even tough the aftermath of the fatal earthquake that shook the east of Japan was what brought me back home to Hamburg that time, now I think of it as a lucky chance for me to have spend one last birthday, Easter and Mother’s Day together with my whole family present.

The following year, I was busy with exhibitions and preparations for my final thesis in university, while my parents traveled all around the world.
I remember one day in early October that year, I called my parents over Skype and was lucky that both of them were at home. My mum told me that they were leaving soon to spent a few weeks in Turkey because the weather in Hamburg was so cold, and that she was already packing her luggage while we were talking.

Then we hung up.
A few days later my dad called me.
During the night, my mum had passed away in her sleep.

I always thought about writing these few words down, but I just couldn’t. Even now, I get a lump in my throat and tears are flooding my eyes.
They say that time heals every wound, but that is just not true – time only makes it easier to remember the happy moments over the sad.

On the last Christmas together with my mum, she gave me this beautiful feather pendant, saying she is proud of me and I should never give up chasing after my dreams and spreading my wings.

If it wasn’t for my mum, I would have never studied Art, or even now Fashion Design on top of it.
Without her encouragement, I would probably work in somebodies office and hope for the days go by, but I always dreamed big and without her believing in me and what I can accomplish, my dreams would have stayed far out of reach for me.

Today, I am one step closer to my goal with each passing day and the feather is a reminder for me, that my mum watches over me, believing in me.

Thank you, always, Mama!

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