Summery Poncho and Fringy Sandals


You know those days when you check your watch and it is only even 8PM and then moments later you check again only to see in shock that it’s nearly morning? This just happened to me, but differently: I was just shocked to find out that I didn’t write a single entry for nearly a month.

I have just too much on my mind, too much to do, I even found myself skipping classes here and there, only so I can squeeze in a little more time for all that’s on my list. I’m planning to pick up my monthly reviews again and already writing the first one for this weekend, so I won’t go into detail yet. Only so much: a lot of good things happened in the past weeks, but all of them demand my full attention, so I got my head full of work right now.

goa Scarf made into a Poncho – very similar here
7 for all mankind Jeans
Zara Fringe Sandals – original here
Balenciaga Mini City bag

But now onto the look I want to share with you today!
It’s getting a lot hotter these days and we’re right in the middle of rainy season here in Tokyo, so I brought back my Summer wardrobe, sorted through things to give away, but I just cannot part with my beloved poncho. If you’ve been reading my blog a little while, you might recognise it from this post last year! And just so it happens, I found a really similar poncho by Velvet to other day! Even the pattern and color are nearly alike – and it’s half off!

With it, I coordinated a black shirt by COS, which has a layered, pleated backside. It’s one of my favorite things to wear right now, because the sheerness of the pleated back it so cooling when the temperatures rise and it never fails to catch a little bit of wind!
The for the fringe sandals I’m wearing are from Zara and a very affordable version of Aquazzura’s popular Wild Thing sandals.






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