We all get dressed for Bill.


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I woke up to the sad news that my favorite street and fashion photographer Bill Cunningham passed away.

The first time I heard about him what when I researched the residents of Carnegie Hall for some project I had to do in high school.
I was fascinated by how freely he captures people and the clothes they wear – something I can’t seem to do without staging a shot.
However at that time, I knew more about his photographs than about him himself, but in 2010 a documentary about him and his work was released, and I finally got to know a little more about him and his passion for photography and fashion.
It was so clear that he loved what he did with all his heart and seeing this passion left a big impression on me. I made it my goal to find something I can be just as passionate about in life.

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That same year, I switched from studying Business Management to Art and instead of chasing somebody else’s dream, I went after mine and picked up my camera, pencil and paintbrush.

Last week, I found the documentary on Netflix and had it running while I worked on design assignments. I told a friend how I wanted to see Bill biking the streets of New York even only once ever since I first saw his work,
and only a week later I realise I couldn’t catch up with him.

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