monthly update #1


With my busy schedule at the moment I am held back from blogging so much, mostly because my laptop is blocked by my sewing machine and I am chained to said one.
But, what happened recently?


As you might have seen on my Snapchat or Twitter already, I was accepted into the fashion contest by zipper and hardware maker YKK!
I cannot show you the design yet, but I have to hand in the whole sewn outfit – a coat and dress combo – in the middle of August and once it’s all ready, I’ll show you. But to say the least, I was incredibly happy to be one of the 32 chosen ones to get into the next round – out of 4617 entries in the apparel category!
I’m doing quite well on time management this time, but I guess until it’s all done I’ll have to do double the work, cut down on sleep, and get me a storage for all the coffee I will need over the next few weeks – wish me luck!

Tokyo’s sky is controlled by the rainy season for a few weeks now. It’s not that bad as past years, we still get quite a share of sunshine but with the humidity in the 80-90% range, just being outside in general is quite the drag, even though all the hydrangeas are in full bloom right now and parks and sidewalks are tinted in blue to purple hues. 


I have been on the hunt for one of ‘em Chloe girls for more than a year now and while I’m still flirting with the Faye bag in plain grey, I spontaneously picked up an all black Jane a few days ago. I never saw one of the Janes in any shop here in Tokyo and when I was walking home the other day and ended up checking out the Chloe counter in Isetan, I asked the staff if they would stock up on them in the future. The girl looked at me, whispered something like ‘wait a second’ and came back with 6 different Janes which supposedly only came in that morning, one design each! 

I got all excited, but ultimately decided on this one and I’m so happy with my choice! Faye’s gotta wait!


This year, I’m going home to Germany over the Summer! But sadly only for a little bit, since I have to hand in the contest outfit I mentioned right in the middle of August.
I already have so much on my list, I can’t wait for Summer vacation to start!

Also, K and I are thinking about using what’s left of my Summer vacation after I come back from Germany for a few days in Bali, Cambodia or Thailand! I love planning trips! So let’s hope that nothing gets in our way and we can make it!


I am currently featured in a worldwide Shopping Guide on on the Tokyo page! At the moment I only have the German version of the guide at hand, but it supposedly is available in 19 different languages! Also, if you have a moment, check out the other cities too!!

Also, on a very different note, I’ll be filming an interview on being a fashion student in Japan and Bunka Fashion College with my girl Jen for her YouTube channel osharegirl! I’m super excited already, and I’ve collected a few questions I received per mail over the last few months, but if you have any questions you would like to have featured in the video, let me know over any of my social channels!

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